Bio Clean

Bio-Clean: Keep Your Drains Flowing Freely

“The Friendly Bacteria Waste Eliminator”


Throw away poisonous drain cleaners! Bio-Clean eliminates built up residue in your drains and is completely safe and effective.

Bio-Clean works by biological action to eliminate drain build up. Bio-Clean contains the same ingredients that Mother Nature uses to break down dead plant and animal matter. This natural bacteria feasts on the build up lining your drains. Bio-Clean liquefies and actually biodegrades grease, food bits, human waste and hair particles. With regular use Bio-Clean cleans your pipes.

Bio-Clean is available through licensed contractors.

Uses for Bio-Clean:

Septic systems: With Bio-Clean you pump less often, reduce drain field problems and Bio-Clean works great as a starter for new, or newly pumped, tanks. Special Bio-Clean applications can restore drain fields. Bio-Clean works for your whole system.

Garbage Disposals: A film of food grindings can form in your disposal and cause foul odors. Bio-Clean removes this film to deduce kitchen disposer smells. Bio-Clean is safe for all disposal parts and seals.

Basement Sumps: Regular use of Bio-Clean prevents grease and slime build up. Bio-Clean keeps floats, pumps, and lines clean.