Whole Home Energy Audits

Comprehensive Home Energy Audit from A.Johnson’s Home Energy Performance

Our Whole House Energy Audits deliver outstanding benefits, providing the most comprehensive assessments available anywhere.

Our energy audit features an array of useful health, safety and home efficiency tests delivering results that we will prioritize so that you know what issues to address first. Based on your results our Professional BPI certified Energy Consultant will help you put together a custom plan for home improvements.

Health & Safety
Keeping you and your family safe is our top priority. We focus our health and safety testing on areas and systems in your home that can only be identified with proper testing equipment. Moisture issues, carbon monoxide, gas leaks, mold and improper equipment operation are just some of the hidden dangers that may be brought to light so you can take action and be sure indoor air quality is safe and comfortable, giving you peace of mind that there are no hidden dangers in your home.

Gas Leak Testing:
Using Electronic gas leak detectors we pin point leaks in your home which pose a safety risks as well as energy losses.
Carbon Monoxide Testing:
We do safety inspections on your gas fired appliances to detect carbon monoxide in your home. Carbon monoxide often referred to as the silent killer because it can’t be seen and is odorless.
Equipment Safety Testing:
We check over your stove, heating, cooling and water heating appliances to assure proper operation.
Visual inspection:
Our experts inspect the places in your home that you seldom see including attics and basements.
Efficiency Testing
Our efficiency testing is designed to answer two very important questions, how much energy are you losing and where are you losing it? Our experts will find the answers to these questions so they can give you a plan to cut down on waste and improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Blower Door:
Blower door testing is performed to quantify air infiltration and heat loss in your home. Blower door testing is a critical test to measure the efficiency of your home.
Thermal Imaging Analysis:
A thermal imager gives us the ability to see what’s going on inside of your walls. This technology allows us to see weak spots in your homes insulation.
Equipment Efficiency Analysis:
Improper set-up, sizing, distribution losses and age can affect the efficiency of your HVAC equipment. Efficiency testing allows us to verify that your equipment is operating at its rated efficiency.

Structural Inspection
Our auditor becomes a CSI detective during this inspection, gathering all of the information he will need to build an accurate computer model of your home. This inspection includes the home’s exterior, living space, basement and attic.

Inspection of Living, Attic, Basement and Crawl Spaces:
Our Auditor will go through your home, take measurements, assess insulation levels, ventilation levels and an overall look at the structure as a whole. With the information collected we build an accurate computer model of you home based on actual data eliminating estimates and guesswork.
Assessment Report
Your Energy consultant will sit down with you and walk you through a detailed computer analysis report of how your home is performing based on all of the data he collected. An accurate model of your home allows us to make changes so you can see how our recommended improvements will affect energy efficiency and your energy bills. We will take all of the results and prioritize a detailed solutions list for you based on health, safety comfort and efficiency so you have a custom game plan for improving your home.


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