Plumbing, Heating & Air conditioning Performance Guarantee

A Johnson Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning guarantees that when the equipment we have installed is maintained and operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s operating and maintenance manuals, the system will perform as we have stated and agreed upon. We have promised a maintained temperature variance of no more than 3 degrees from your temperature selection to the actual temperature at your thermostat when you are heating or cooling your home. If the installation temperatures are not achieved, we will make any necessary modifications, repairs or replacements at no charge to you for a period of 5 years.

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Financing Available in Gloversville NY

Whether it is a Central Heating/Furnace Installation, Heat Pump or Wall or Floor Furnace, Boiler system A.Johnson’s has the parts and whole system installation to keep you warm when you want it.

From Home Improvements like adding a new sink, faucet, shower, toilet or bathtub to fixing that dripping faucet, drain cleaning, and constantly running toilet we are here to help.

A Johnson Plumbing & Heating can help you find the right cooling equipment, but that is only part of the service. We size and install your equipment so you get the performance, comfort, and efficiency you deserve.

Free Energy Audit

Our Whole House Energy Audits deliver outstanding benefits, providing the most comprehensive assessments available anywhere. Our energy audit features an array of useful health, safety and home efficiency tests delivering results that we will prioritize so that you know what issues to address first. Based on your results our Professional BPI certified Energy Consultant will help you put together a custom plan for home improvements.

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Energy Audits Include:


Efficiency Testing
Our efficiency testing is designed to answer two very important questions, how much energy are you losing and where are you losing it? Our experts will find the answers to these questions so they can give you a plan to cut down on waste and improve the energy efficiency of your home.
Gas Leak Testing
Using Electronic gas leak detectors we pin point leaks in your home which pose a safety risks as well as energy losses.
Carbon Monoxide Testing
We do safety inspections on your gas fired appliances to detect carbon monoxide in your home. Carbon monoxide often referred to as the silent killer because it can’t be seen and is odorless.
Equipment Safety Testing
We check over your stove, heating, cooling and water heating appliances to assure proper operation.
Visual inspection
Our experts inspect the places in your home that you seldom see including attics and basements.